$100 Gift Certificate Giveaway

17 Apr

I’ve been trying to think of another giveaway while I finish up Bride of Fae , and I’ve frankly stolen this idea from my author friend Sandra Edwards and decided to run a CONTEST for all my readers out there!

GRAND PRIZE: $100 gift certificate from Amazon or B&N (winner’s choice).

TO ENTER: all you need to do is review one (or all) of my books. The review can be GOOD or BAD, it doesn’t matter to me. Just leave a review giving your opinion of the book.

[see a list of book links here]

Post your review anywhere online (i.e., Amazon.com, BN.com, Goodreads, your blog, or any other place you can think of), then leave the link in the Rafflecopter widget below (or send me a message via the comments, Facebook, or email and I’ll enter it for you) to let me know where you posted the review.


ALSO PLEASE NOTE: TO BE ENTERED IN THE CONTEST, YOU MUST CONTACT ME TO LET ME KNOW YOU’VE LEFT A REVIEW AND WHERE YOU POSTED YOUR REVIEW OR LEAVE THAT INFORMATION IN THE RAFFLECOPTER WIDGET BELOW. You can leave the information in a comment here, on my Facebook wall, or send it to me via email. Or you can enter the information yourself in the Rafflecopter widget below.

For each review, you’ll get one entry per site where you post the review. So, the more places you post, and the more books you review, the more chances you have to win!

If you have already posted a review for any of my books at Amazon, BN, etc., you can enter too!

First round of the contest ends May 31st. Winner will be chosen via Random.org. Winner will be notified via email, and will be announced on my Facebook fan page and here at the website by June 10th.

For subsequent months, the contest will end on the last day of the month and the winner will be announced by the 5th of the following month. You only need to enter each review once. Your information will remain in the “pot” for future months until you win!

For the latest news on the contest, visit my fan page on  Facebook .

Disclaimer: A positive review is not necessary to win. Contest will likely end someday. In the event the contest is cancelled, a prize will be issued for the month in which cancellation takes place.

Good Luck!


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32 thoughts on “$100 Gift Certificate Giveaway

  1. Question: I’ve read all but one of the books, and posted the reviews, some time back. Does that count? I have them on Amazon & Goodreads, but don’t know if I qualify.

    Linda in TX

  2. Yes, Linda! An entry for every review. Do you want me to enter them for you in the Rafflecopter widget?

  3. I read and left a review for The Loves of Leopold Singer on amazon, but don’t see it listed in the enter to use to enter the contest to win the gift certificate. :0(.

  4. Somehow I have messed up trying to put my entries into the Rafflecopter widget! I entered the reviews for the Apacolypto Books and Give Me that I did on Amazon but I don’t know how to enter the reviews I did on Goodreads. Can you help me out? I know I should be able to figure this out but this Rafflecopter widget has thrown me for a loop! Thanks L.K. and I can’t wait for the next Tethers book!

  5. Julie, you didn’t mess up. I’ve been manually adding people with multiple reviews. Your message prompted me to add the options to the Rafflecopter. You can add all your reviews now.

    The next Tethers book is coming along. I just added a new scene I love so much I want to post it now! Maybe I will, ha.

  6. POST IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying here!!!

    Thanks for taking care of me!! I am thinking about starting a blog now so I have more places to share about your awesome books!!! I need to start tweeting too. You may have inspired me!

  7. hahaha … that’s great! I’m swamped right now, but I’ll post the scene by the end of the day (west coast time).

    UPDATE: Here it is! Remember – this hasn’t gone through final edits. I think it’s a fun scene.

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  9. I read Give Me just recently and I am so glad it is the first in the series – so I don’t start somewhere in the middle and have to go back. A great book, I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your creativity.

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  11. Just finished Give Me – A Tale of Wyrd and Fae, what a fabulous story! This is my first book I have read by LK Rigel and let me tell you I want to read more!

  12. HI! Just wanted to let you know I reviewed I Ruined His Life and entered the rafflecopter info. (Goodreads and Amazon) My reviews are attached to Twitter and Facebook too. I did also review on Libraything and Shelfari so hopefully that can count too. No blog though. Thanks!

  13. Very cool, Margaret – I’ll go ahead and put in a “blog” entry for you, since that counts for two chances, and that will give you entries for the Librarything and Shelfari reviews. Neato!

  14. Okay back again lol! Just reviewed Give Me all the places I mentioned above. Starting another one of your books today!

  15. Just reviewed The Loves of Leopold Singer and as the others in addition to what’s on the rafflecopter I reviewed on shelfari and Libraything. Also liked and tagged on amazon for the books as well.

    Keeping my fingers crossed thanks!

  16. That’s wonderful, Margaret! Thank you so much. I hope you’re actually enjoying reading the books too! Good luck!

  17. I left the link to my Blog Review in the Rafflecopter for “The Loves of Leopold Singer.”
    I sure hope I did it right. I loved the book and would love to win the gift certificate!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

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  19. FYI. I’m on a weight lose wedsite. Sparkpeople.com. We have team forums. One of them is Amazon Kindle, Nook and Books. On this forum we leave short book reports. This is the hard part for you. in order to see it you need to go to sparkpeople.com, become a member, go to the team forum, then to book reviews thread 3. My post for Give Me is #8. My sign on name is MARYALICE 411.

  20. I believe you, maryalice! Go ahead and give yourself an entry in the “blog” portion – that will give you two entries. And thank you so much!

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