The giveaway is progressing nicely, and my evil plan is coming to fruition … It looks like several of my books were moved out of the To Be Read pile and achieved the exalted status of read. Hooray!

I’m reading the reviews (hope that doesn’t weird you out) and LOVING them! It’s bad to choose favorites, but MaryAlice – you ROCK! It’s wonderful when a reader is willing to try genres she’s not sure of. After all, reading time is dear, and you want to spend it on the kind of stories you like. I’m always so grateful when a reader is willing to try mine.

Yesterday, three reviews appeared for the Apocalyptos by J. Magee that charged me up with new enthusiasm for the series. Yes, there will be more books! Copperhead is next, and I’ll be focusing on it as soon as Bride of Fae comes out.  I was having a stressful, blucky day yesterday. Reading those reviews changed my outlook.

So am I an author if you’re not a reader? I don’t think so. The real magic happens when you read the story and make it your own.

So thank you, all of you, for spending some of your time reading my books – so much more precious than the 99 cents or six dollars – and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your feedback. I wish everyone could win!