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Writer’s Block? Never Heard of It

Last night I dreamed I was at Tintagos again... I'm moving along through Wild Things, the first book in my new Uncanny series, also writing scenes for the other books in the series as they pop into my brain, happy as houses, when all of a sudden it happens. A...

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Peeking Out From My Cave

It's been a while... I can't believe I haven't published an L.K. Rigel title since Goblin Ball - that was January 2015, sheesh! I have to admit I was a bit crushed by the rousing lack of interest in the book. I have always been a terrible marketer. I began to wonder...

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Facelifts and Such

The Wyrd and Fae series has just had a major facelift. To see the pix a bit larger, click here. Along with the nifty new covers, I expanded Fever Mist a bit. Amazon isn't so amenable to pushing out updates as they were once upon a time, so if you bought Fever Mist and...

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