Space Junque will remain chronically free as a lead-in to the Apocalyptos. Otherwise, I’m not making my books free anymore.

But I’ll still give them away from time to time.

A huge indie and self-publisher giveaway is starting in about an hour, and I’m participating. I’ll be giving away my two fat books, Firebird and The Loves of Leopold Singer plus a pile of some selected indie books – all to one lucky winner.

[NOTE to those who already subscribe to my blog: just put something like “I’m already cool” in the rafflecopter to get the extra 4 entries.]

I chose Firey and LOLS because I love them and they are my worst sellers (although sales of Firebird are far brisker than when it was titled Bleeder, haha). I love both these books.

Firebird is an epic adventure with wonderful characters. I want more people to discover it and love it as I do! (yes, yes. I hear some people out there telling me to get the next Apocalypto out …)

The Loves of Leopold is an odd duck. It’s an old-fashioned epic historical, a family saga that spans generations. A beach read. A winter-by-the-fire read.

Anyway, heads up! The giveaway blog hop runs from June 13 – 19, but many posts are going up in the next hour. Over 200 blogs are participating.

So though a lot of indies are putting the breaks on the freebies, there will always be contests and giveaways!