I have a love/hate relationship with HBO’s production of Game of Thrones. I approach each episode with dread, wondering how they’ll degrade and abuse women this time and if this will be the week I decide it’s just not worth it anymore.

But last night’s episode was GREAT! Things happened! Women kept their clothes on and weren’t humiliated or used as objects! Men barely swaggered and did actual stuff!

Tyrion was his usual smart, snarky self. The scenes between Catelyn and Brienne were marvelous, especially the one where they swear oaths to each other. I was shocked when [blackout]Renly was murdered[/blackout] (I haven’t read the books). I hope this doesn’t mean [blackout]we’ll see less of Natalie Dormer[/blackout]. She was magnificent as Ann Boleyn in Tudors.

In other news, the review giveaway progresses apace! As the books flow back into non-Amazon outlets, I’m adding chances to the Rafflecopter widget for them. You can now leave reviews at iTunes for Space Junque (which is free there at the moment), Bleeder, and Apocalypto (Omnibus Edition). Spiderwork should be live there soon.

June 1 is only a month away, but it seems so long! I’ll have a bonus giveaway this coming weekend for an extra prize. It won’t change the entries in the main giveaway (the bonus winner can still win the $100 gift card). I’ll have to think about what to give away. What do you think of a signed copy of the print edition of Give Me?

The way it will work is I’ll have Rafflecopter select a winner, check to make sure the review is up where the entrant indicated, and announce the winner here on Sunday.