Last night I dreamed I was at Tintagos again…

I’m moving along through Wild Things, the first book in my new Uncanny series, also writing scenes for the other books in the series as they pop into my brain, happy as houses, when all of a sudden it happens.

A three-book urban fantasy spin-off to the Wyrd and Fae series arises, almost fully formed, in my mind, seizes my fancy and will not let go. It’s a terrible story too, cruel and scary and full of action, lust, betrayal, revenge, and of course love. Aubrey, Lexi, Idris, Jenna, the French girls are all screaming for bigger, better parts.

I suppose I’ll have to write it. I think I’ll be able to. Sales for my other pen name have been pretty good – enough to buy me some writing time – and now that I’m being more proactive with my mailing list, people are becoming more aware of the Wyrd and Fae series ~ as in, buying or borrowing and reading the books. I’ve also had requests for more in the Kiss Me Hello world. I’ve pretty much retired from my day job, so I expect my productivity to pick up.

At this point, the next release is the first in the new series. A nice sneak peek will be available soon. 🙂