The Wager

A Pride and Prejudice Variation

I’m super excited about my new series, Accomplished Ladies – five Pride and Prejudice variations set in the Regency period.

The first story, The Wager, is Mary Bennet’s story.

When Charlotte Collins invites Mary Bennet to visit Hunsford, she accepts, determined to quash her tender feelings for Mr. Collins. But she’s is quite unprepared for the handsome and charming Major Carleton “Carley” Quartermaine, visiting Rosings Park with Colonel Fitzwilliam.

Then Mary is scandalized to discover that she is the subject of a bet among gentlemen ~ well, two gentlemen and one lady, mischief maker Caroline Bingley. Prim and proper Mary would never surrender her self-respect, even if Quartermaine’s smile sends a thrill to her very soul…


You can read the first two chapters at Pemberley Possibilities, and you can borrow the entire book free if you have a Scribd subscription.

The Wager (Accomplished Ladies 1)