Hurray! My Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre Retold) has been told.

The serial is complete!

If you’ve ever wanted to read Jane Eyre, but you found the 19th century language just too daunting, this serial might be just for you. This BBC-type miniseries in book form takes place in five episodes. In print, the books are 184, 140, 148, 140, and 232 pages.

Find links to the ebooks and descriptions of the episodes on this page.

My Mr. Rochester is a retelling of Jane Eyre set in an alternative reality – a future two generations after the red state/blue state divide has brought on a second civil war ~ this time, north and south go their separate ways, and the “red” states form the country of New Judah based on biblical principles and a simple, low-tech lifestyle.

In the 2080s, Jane lives in New Judah. She grows up in Idaho then moves to the state of Jefferson to take a job as a private governess where her occasional glimpses of the world outside make her question New Judean rigidity as she struggles to understand her growing love for her emotionally damaged employer, Edward Fairfax Rochester.