Haha – typing in the title for this post, for some reason “Cowboys vs Aliens” popped into my brain. Sadly, I can’t think of a way to analogize {cowboys v aliens}:{wyrd v fae}.

If the SAT question was:

Wyrd is to Fae as:

1. science is to religion

2. technology is to magic

3. cowboys are to aliens

4. dogs are to cats

#3 would be the least fitting response.

The overarching tension in War of the Wyrd┬áis sourced in the fundamental natures of the wyrd and the fae. On the surface, wyrd and fae seem the same – magical beings, right?

Wrong. I’m finding that the wyrd, while spiritual to their very core, are far more logical, their power enhanced by magic but dependent on scientific method, training, predictability. The fae, on the other hand, are purely magical. Intuitive. Impetuous. Serendipitous.

Assumptions, misunderstandings, the sense of betrayal when differences matter. Both parties armed with the power to bend even the elements to their will.

Are we surprised to hear rumors of war?