When I first announced the $100 gift card giveaway for reviewers of LK Rigel books, the response was great. People moved my books up to the top of their TBR lists, and a few others were inclined to post reviews they’d forgotten to post. Lovely!

My original thought was to keep the contest going and have a winner every month – but my fantasy here hasn’t matched reality. I’m just not getting enough new reviews to justify the contest, so it won’t continue after the end of this month.

I have a love/hate relationship with promotion. Love it when it works and we all have fun. Hate it when it doesn’t and we don’t. I’ve been selling so few books that I’m finding it hard to keep writing. But it isn’t the writing that’s killing me – it’s the begging. PLEASE READ MY BOOK! (said in the ‘leave Britney alone! voice).

I’m retreating to my writer cave for a while.

But I do want to say I’ve enjoyed reading the reviews you’ve posted – it truly helps to know people are enjoying the stories.