I’ve been planning to change Bleedy’s title for a while now. For some reason, quite a few people are put off by the title Bleeder.

Imagine that, title fail on my part.

From the beginning, I considered Firebird as the title for Mallory’s story in the Apocalypto series. It’s actually perfect, as it sums up who she is and what she ends up being about in the grand scheme of things. Newbie mistake – I was afraid of that title. I thought it gave too much away!

All newbies are terrified of giving away spoilers. But I’m learning that in the art of presenting a book, though I don’t want to tell all, I must tell something! Even – especially – in the title. Ha!

So Bleedy is now Firey. Firy. Fiery? Birdie? argh. I’ll have to work on that. There will be new art too – it’s in progress, and it’s awesome. We’ll bring the new art out with Copperhead.

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