The Christmas my son was two and a half years old, every time someone came to the door he’d say, “Is it Christmas?” and run to see who was there. We finally figured out everyone had been telling him, “Christmas is coming!” with such excitement that his little two-year-old heart could hardly bear it.

When I was a little kid, I thought Christmas was one day. I don’t know when I realized the whole thing is Christmas – every day of the season. For me, it arrives with the movies. In addition to the no-brainers A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life, I love to watch these movies at Christmastime.

While You Were Sleeping

Every embellishing tone is delightful, from the kooky loving family to the sweet clueless landlord, Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock shine as two lonely people who finally find the love of their lives – only to realize it’s impossible to be together – and Peter Gallagher turns out to be a comedian with perfect timing.

Love, Actually

Who can resist a holiday movie that features two porn body doubles that are the sweetest people you can imagine? And don’t forget Colin, the Love God!




Two words: Karen Allen.

Besides that, Lee Majors saves Santa, and Bill Murray does a wicked Richard Burton impression.  And Alfre Woodard, as always, is perfect.

The Holiday

Jack Black, romantic interest? Yes! He’s just right. I have to blame it on the director, because Jude Law is equally sweet and lovely as a Mr. Napkinhead any girl could fall for.


Bridget Jones’s Diary

Man fight!