I love Ozone Socks.

This one is called “eyebrid” – haha. Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about this company?

Maybe not everything, but everything you need to know. They’re sharp. They’re creative.

They aren’t afraid to call something “eyebrid” – they know their customers are smart.

Don’t you just want to wear those socks?

I don’t mean to wax commercial here but … I do love these socks. They aren’t just fab looking. They’re also way way comfortable. And well made. Sturdy.

They make all kinds. Click here to see the knee highs for women.

These short socks are cuties too. They’re called “biker chick forbidden fruit.” I also love the “bloomers” and “tuberose and jasmine” and really all the others.

DO NOT CLICK HERE or prepare to be frustrated! Those are the designs coming in January.



A fabulous gift certificate for Ozone Socks will be the featured prize at my stop on the Winner Wonderland Blog Hop going on November 27 to December 4. The lucky winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter.

Check this space for more details coming soon. I’m so excited – and so jealous of my winner!

(snow leopard)


Ozone has fabulously donated a $100 gift certificate for this event! That’s right – enter my stop on the blog hop to win a $100 gift certificate for