So I was typing along – most assuredly in the midst of brilliance – when the cord of the new AC adapter I just bought (a Targus, from Staples) fell out of the laptop. I popped it back in and heard a dreadful ::pack!:: sound.

Hours later … the Geek at Best Buy said it fried my motherboard. I could pay 4-500 plus labor for a new motherboard that may or may not work. So I bought a new laptop for not much more than that. Why do these things happen when you can least afford them?

The good news: I had everything backed up with Mozy. Though time-consuming, it’s been relatively painless to reload the new computer with ALL my files.

The bad news: The manager at Staples gave me a refund on the adapter and a phone number for Targus and advised that I “reach out” and “share my story” with them.

Guess where I’m never shopping again?

I might have missed or lost a few hours of emails – if you’ve emailed me recently and I haven’t responded, I hope you will please try again!