I think it’s wonderful. I know I’m not supposed to say that … of course I could be wrong.

Bleeder is uploading right now.

How to grab a deal: Bleeder is about 107K words, and it will be priced accordingly: $4.95. But for the rest of March, it will be at the introductory price of 3.99.

BUT … you can get Bleeder for .99 if you catch it when it goes live. I price it there for a few hours so it costs me less to send out the review copies. Nothing to keep you from getting in on the deal! I’ll try to post the link here when Amazon has it up. You never know with Amazon how long it will take to get a book out.

Anyway … it’s coming!

Amazon link (hot, and the review/free copies have been sent; the 99 cent price will change as soon as Amazon gets to it.)