Blue Amber is “processing” at B&N and “in review” at Amazon and in meatgrinder hell at Smashwords.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mom keeps playing in my mind. This scene in particular. (The embedding at YouTube is disabled.)

It’s the “yer doing it wrong!” scene. Jack takes the kids to school and learns — from everyone — that he’s … yanno.

I like Blue Amber. A lot. But I wonder if I’m doing it wrong. This is the last novella leading up to Bleeder, the first novel I actually wrote in the Apocalypto series. It’s romantic in that it’s the story of how Mallory and Edmund, the heroine and hero of Bleeder, meet.

But in this story, Mallory is 13 and Edmund is 16. There’s no hot sex.

That’s all in Bleeder.¬†And luckily, Bleeder is about ready to go.

Until then, here comes Blue Amber, a young adult paranormal fantasy in the middle of a paranormal romance series. Am I doing it wrong?