Blue Amber is having its final edit pass as we speak! I’m so happy with this story, but I’m a little nervous about how readers will respond.

It’s not a full novel. It’s a novella. And it’s  YA paranormal romance, the story of how the hero and heroine of Bleeder meet.

Don’t worry, I’m getting over novella-itis. Bleeder is over 85K words!  Plus, Bleeder — being a chalice’s story — has a lot of sex scenes love scenes — sex scenes and love scenes. Sigh.

A word about pricing. Hero Material is now 2.99 and Spiderwork is 3.99 — but the 2-pack is 4.59, equivalent to 2.30 per book. (Amazon has it at 4.95, but that’s a typo and as soon as the kdp lets me in, I’ll fix the price.) B&N is so much quicker for making changes.

Blue Amber is going to be 99 cents for the first week or two, so get it while it’s cheap!