With Spiderwork out for a little over a week now, the first couple of reviews are in, and they are … good … but —

But! Two reviews from two careful and thoughtful readers both had the same reactions to Spiderwork.

Stacey’s review at Goodreads is a great read on its own merits. She’s got a great analytical mind and a clear writing style. Here is an excerpt from Stacey’s review:

What happened to Sky and Tesla? Were they ever found, was the technology recovered? How did Alice and the bees survive Samael’s cleansing fire? Samael’s worshipers are only referenced, but clearly important, so in what way is this rival faith developing, and if it’s not, why not? How is Garrick’s industrial and oil-dependent city surviving in a world that has regressed to mostly pre- and early- industrial conditions? And we still know next to nothing about the Empani – who appear to be an empath/morph race or hybrid. How did they come about, and what are their motivations?

These are great questions, mirrored to an extent by BTackitt in her review at Amazon. So great, that I decided to answer most of them. I’ve added some more scenes to Spiderwork, so much that the story has expanded another 4K words. If you’ve already picked up the first version and would like a copy of the revised version, please give me your email address in the comments or through the contact form above.

Also, as a side note:  Alice, who has a featured role in Spiderwork, is the Alice of Alice Ghosting, the flash fiction I wrote for Amanda Hocking’s Zombiepalooza last Halloween. You can download it free from Smashwords or just read it here on the site.

I didn’t answer every one of these questions fully, but we do see what happened to Sky and there is more about the Empani and the consequences, or not, of Durga’s decision.

There will be a LOT of Empani action in Bleeder. Stay tuned!