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Peeking Out From My Cave

It’s been a while… I can’t believe I haven’t published an L.K. Rigel title since Goblin Ball – that was January 2015, sheesh! I have to admit I was a bit crushed by the rousing lack of interest in the book. I have always been a terrible...

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Facelifts and Such

The Wyrd and Fae series has just had a major facelift. To see the pix a bit larger, click here . Along with the nifty new covers, I expanded Fever Mist a bit. Amazon isn’t so amenable to pushing out updates as they were once upon a time, so if you bought Fever...

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Much Ado About… Darcy?

As you may know, I’ve lately fallen into the varied and fascinating world of JAFF – Jane Austen fan fiction. It’s a real thing! And it’s fun. The 1995 Colin Firth production of Pride and Prejudice , most particularly the lake scene, inspired a...

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