I was among the lucky ones to get an advanced reader copy of Theresa Weir’s first New Adult contemporary romance, Come As You Are.

When Molly Young’s father dies of a heart attack, she struggles to resolve her conflicted feelings. Everyone admired Professor Young, a teacher at the University of Minnesota, but only Molly really knew the monster.

Then Ian shows up for the funeral from out of state. He tries to help her through her grief, but trust isn’t big on Molly’s to-do list. Not even if Ian’s the most gorgeous guy she ever met. Especially.

From the beginning, Molly and Ian are strongly attracted to each other, but what’s great about their love story is their relationship grows as they find out they truly like each other. I fell a little in love with Ian myself – a good guy who refuses to be a doormat, but doesn’t run at the first sight of trouble either.

Weir’s characters always step outside the mold, and I wasn’t sure how the relationship was going to play out. A threat of suicide hangs in the air, and though Cobain’s chilling lyric is never quoted, it’s always in the background: No, I don’t have a gun…

But don’t worry. Come As You Are delivers a sweet and lovely ending and left me hoping there will be a sequel for Rose, Molly’s roommate and fellow waitress at the Mean Waitress Cafe.


[NOTE – the book is live at Amazon now and will be available at B&N, Kobo, and iTunes as soon as it gets through processing]