Congratulations to Laura H. who won the personalized ARC of Kiss Me Hello!

Yes! We’re almost there …

an excerpt:

Sara turned her car onto Bird Row to look for parking. She was going to find Spot and ask how to de-ghostify Turtledove Hill. Bram’s truck was parked crooked next to the hitching rail in front of The Book Beak, taking up two spaces.

“What a jerk.” Joss materialized in the passenger seat.

“Go away,” Sara said automatically. “You’re hardly one to complain about taking more than your share of space.”

“True. As you know, I am a rather large guy.”

“Oh, ick. If that’s supposed to be sexual innuendo, don’t forget you were using another man’s…largeness.” She turned at the next corner to go around the block.

“The ignominy of it all!” Joss put his hand to his forehead in mock shame. “Wait. Is it IG-nominy or ig-NOM-iny? That’s one of those words you only read but never actually hear anyone say.”

“IG-nuh-minnie,” Sara said. “I’m an English teacher. Or I was one, anyway.”

“Oh, really.” He had a gleam in his eye. “Can I be teacher’s pet?”

“Why are you here?”

“I don’t know. It feels like I’m stuck to you. Psychically or something.”

“That’s just what I need in my life. Jakey Twilighty imprinting creepiness.”

“Imprinting? You mean like a duckling?” His face screwed up like he didn’t know what she was talking about. But of course he wouldn’t. He’d missed decades’ worth of changes in the zeitgeist. “I think it’s worse than that. Seriously, Sara. Our…lovemaking was pretty intense. I believe I’m stuck to you spiritually.

“Because the earth moved, you mean.”

“Well, yeah. For me. God, is sex like that normal with you?”

No, it wasn’t. But that was none of Joss’s business. “You have to leave me alone.”

“I don’t have control over it. I’ll keep showing up. In your life. In your car—”

“In my bed?”

He smiled. “Who knows?”

“Go away, Joss.” She pointed to her ring. “I’m married.”

“You called me Joss.” Smiling, he dissipated to nothing. .