For me, one word captures 2012: Struggle.┬áSo much to do, and not enough. Not enough time, money, understanding. There was a lot to hate about 2012. I’m glad it’s gone. A few things can stay (in memory, on bookshelves, in data storage…)

In no particular order …

cloud atlasCloud Atlas

I guess this movie got bad reviews. I understand that. Classical narrative structure is wired into our brains – Aristotle said so! – and this movie seems to have a free-floating nonstructure. Here’s the secret: Watch Cloud Atlas with no expectations. Try to let it take you where it goes. When you’re presented with seemingly new characters, situations, time lines, let that irritated part of your brain turn away. I adored this movie.

The Man Who Left

I am an unabashed Theresa Weir (Anne Frasier) fan, and this memoir is yet another reason why. Last year The Orchard made my best of list. This is a sort of companion piece, though it can absolutely be read alone. Women who had bad fathers will appreciate this book. Or bad mothers.


Downton Abbey Christmas Special

Rumors and spoilers abound. It seems poor DA is disintegrating. But season two’s Christmas special was wonderful, wonderful.


The Dark Knight Rises

Perfect. This movie was SO good! The ending sequences are riveting. Best Catwoman Evah!



Thank all that is holy.

Not that he’s close to what I hoped he’d be but that the alternative was so very, very scary.



I know I’ve left out a ton of great stuff. What did you like in 2012?