In January, LC Evans lost her battle with cancer. I didn’t know Linda that well. We’d “met” at Kindleboards over a year ago. I remember her fun covers and mulling over the title for The Witness Wore Blood Bay.

I remember that she was always nice. Never insane (as authors are wont to be). Classy.

I didn’t know Linda well, but her death hit me hard. I cried when I learned about it. I’m sure I projected things onto her.

LC Evans’s last book is a space opera, SFR (science fiction romance) romp called My Planet or Yours? In keeping with the theme, Zapstone Publishing is donating all the proceeds throughout February from their book in a similar genre, Discovery: A Far Out Romance. It’s available in about every format.

I’m sure readers of this blog will remember how much I like Discovery. We had a fun giveaway here when I was in the middle of reading it. Well, Zapstone liked my review and lifted a blurb from it for their gorgeous new edition of the book – and they included an excerpt of Give Me in the ebook version as well. How fun is that?

Long story short: Tomorrow in conjunction with Zapstone, this site will give away more copies of Discovery: A Far Out Romance, and the usual profit for each book donated to the February LC Evans fundraiser.


But wait – there’s more! We’ll also have a Rafflecopter giveaway for a $25 Amazon/B&N gift card – winner’s choice.

You know how it works! Only newsletter subscribers can play – so your odds of winning are very good!

Open your newsletter tomorrow to find the password to the rafflecopter gift card giveaway and the secret word to win a copy of Discovery – in either Kindle or epub format.