Forgive the redundancy if you were just following this convo on fb, but I didn’t want to lose Misty’s final observation to the ether – so I preserve it here.
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I was sitting around the fire* the other day (*looking through Pinterest) when I saw a poster I just had to have. It said: “Stay calm, the Brits are here.” I thought this was genius, of course, (in part because it was covered in pictures of Mr. Darcy, and Mr. Thornton…& in part because they were sh…

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    • Lk Rigel I 100% with you on this! Richard Armitage’s Thornton is droolicious … but Mr. Thornton in the book is amazingly complex and endearing. I love the scene where Margaret first serves him tea. The wa he lingers over her refined manners broke my heart. Gah! I have to go read this again!!

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    • KindleObsessed Yay!!! I’m glad I’m not alone on this. 🙂

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    • Lk Rigel ‎(if you’ve read the book, the scene in the movie is much better IMO)

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    • KindleObsessed I agree…that scene is much better in the movie, but (in truth) I’ll take it any way I can get it.

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    • Lk Rigel gah … bad writing on my part. I mean that having read the scene in the book made the scene in the movie much better for me. haha.

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    • KindleObsessed See…this is something “non-readers” don’t really get (aka my husband) knowing the inner thoughts & intentions of the character before watching a crucial scene makes the anticipation/tension better. It adds this whole other element of understanding.

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    • Lk Rigel

      another scene later adds to this understanding of Thornton. At the Great Exhibition when Margaret’s hoity-toity London friends are amused that Thornton would have ideas about the world (since he’s “only” a mere manufacturer) and she defends…See More
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    • Lk Rigel which is of course one of the major themes of North and South.

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    • KindleObsessed Lol… I got ya going 🙂

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    • Lk Rigel I really need to just go read the book again! hahaha

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    • KindleObsessed I know. Me too. I usually read it once a year, but I didn’t in 2011. Now I feel like I missed out.

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    • KindleObsessed The thing about both of these books is this flagrant “alpha male” set up. They argue, they fight, they scowl & disagree, but that isn’t who they are, that’s who everyone expects them to be. Instead they are theses slightly damaged men who feel like, if anything else…they don’t deserve the wonderful brilliant and intelligent women they are drawn too.

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