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Stephanie says:

I loved the book and thought that they were an interesting concept to write about. I’m sure you get this question a lot but I couldn’t seem to find the answer anywhere. Are you ever going to revisit Char and Jake and what they did with the rest of their lives? I just kind of feel incomplete with how their story ended. The same thing goes for Durga and Khai. Are you ever going to tells us what happened in those 80 years that they rebuilt the world?

Yes, to all these questions.

I’m planning a third book set in the In Flagrante time period. It’s Jordana’s story, called Copperhead.

It opens when Jordana’s mother Rani (Jake’s half-sister) first becomes an exotic, about ten years before the events of Hero Material/Space Junque, and shows how Rani meets Jordana’s father and continues up to the opening of Bleeder. If you’ve started Bleeder, you’re probably wondering where Jordana got that snake tattoo!

Copperhead goes all the way to the opening of Bleeder. We’ll see much more of Jake and Char and Khai and Durga — also other favorites like Alice, Faina, and Mirabel.

Not to mention, what Sky’s life was like.

A true epic.

It’s plotted out. There are also at least two more books to come in the Ex Post time period. The only decision I have to make now is whether to focus on Copperhead first or finish the Ex Post cycle and then come back to the earlier time period.