As I always say and never quite remember: It always takes longer than I think it will.

First, the bad news: it’s going to be another chunk of time. Maybe a week. Or so. I have to work at my day job this week (funny how those bills have a way of wanting to be paid) so that might put me back too.

Blue Amber was written and ready to go well over a year ago, but something happened on the way. That’s what happened –> that beautiful cover! Curse you Robin Ludwig, aka @IntenseWhisper!! Doesn’t that cover deserve more than a 10K word novelette?

The guy on the cover is Edmund, great-grandson of Jake, the guy on the cover of Hero Material.

Factoid that might be the answer to a contest question sometime: Edmund is named after Edmund in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park.

The good news: a blast of focusing insight and energy hit me today. This time, I may finish sooner than I think!

UPDATE: Blue Amber grew to over 20,000 words and has been assimilated as the opening section of Fureburd. To avoid confusion, it is no longer available as a stand-alone story.