Red Adept is having a contest over at her fantastic review blog.

Don’t know about Red Adept? Read this interview with Simon Royle for the story!

But back to ME.

There’s a fun contest going on among authors and readers over at Red’s site. The entrants have posted eulogies and obituaries of characters from their books or books they like, and we need you to vote on the best one.

Personally, I thought #2 was lovely. I’ve actually started on DA Boulter’s Courtesan (promise to self: As soon as Spiderwork is out, take a week to read some books!) and it’s great!

However! It’s war now with another contestant, Jason Letts, a/k/a foreverjuly, putative “king of the internet”. Boo! ┬áVote for #5, not #3!