Space Junque received a lovely review from Indie Paranormal Book Reviews. Michelle is a close and careful reader, and I was so pleased that she enjoyed the novella. From the review:

Space Junque is action-packed from the beginning. There is always something going on to keep your interest.  The paranormal aspect starts to come in about halfway through the book when we meet the goddess Asherah and this is where my interest definitely picked up. I still enjoyed it up until that point, but what can I say?  I like my paranormal. Did I get my shapeshifter? Yeah, sort of, just not quite what I expected. I’m still trying to figure them out.


This is the problem and the prize with Space Junque. The series, In Flagrante Apocalypto, is about the world after everything changes, but Space Junque happens during the change, when things go from normal to paranormal. Though Space Junque’s central events happen while the main characters are in orbit, the series doesn’t go to space again.

Spiderwork, Bleeder, and the two novels I’ve planned after Bleeder take place in the changed world after the apocalypse. The people remember the old world inundated with technology and things like space flight, but that world exists only in memory. In the new reality, the veil between physical and metaphysical is tenuous. Things cross over.

Especially the shapeshifters.