I just finished a huge project in my day job. By “huge” I mean it will pay enough so that I can take the next few weeks off work entirely to finish Spiderwork!

For everyone waiting impatiently, here is a treat — Daniel Arenson’s Flaming Dove might be just the thing for you.

I hate pitches that start with “what if” — but for this book, it’s perfect: What if the battle of Armageddon came and nobody won?

Laila’s mother is an angel. Her father is a demon. As the war between angels and demons endures, the external conflict matches the one raging in Laila’s mixed blood.

Divine or damned? Soldier or spy? If Armageddon couldn’t end the struggle, what can?

I haven’t read Flaming Dove yet — though it’s in my Kindle — because it feels too close to the world of In Flagrante Apocalypto and I fear cross-pollination, ha. But it’s getting great reviews.

From Amazon:

This was an absolutely fantastic book. I really really enjoyed it. I loved it so much I kept quoting it to my wife. Beelzebub was one of my favorite characters.

Beelzebub! Man, if I weren’t deep in Spiderwork I’d be all over this one!