I bought Zoe Winters’s new guide to independent publishing because I buy all her books. I thought I’d pick up a few tips — after all, Zoe is among the most successful indies today. She must be doing something right!

I was wrong. I picked up way more than a “few” tips.

This won’t be a long review. It’s an easy decision to make: If you want to publish independently, buy this book. The $2.99 you spend will save you an exponential amount in mistakes avoided, even if you never sell a book.

But the thing is, if you read this guide it’s more likely that you will sell books. Zoe shows you how to ensure that you have a book worth buying in the first place, and then how to let people know about it.

Part motivational, part practical, and all necessary. Though I’ve already published one book I’ll be referring to it again when Spiderwork comes out. I’m glad I bought Becoming an Indie Author.