Blue Amber used to be the opening chapters of Bleeder. It shows the settlement where the heroine Mallory grew up and introduces quite a few of Bleeder’s story¬†elements.

If Bleeder were an epic fantasy, I never would have separated the Blue Amber chapters. But because they happen when the heroine is so much younger than in the main story, they don’t really fit in the romance form.

So my bright idea was I would make Blue Amber available as an extended prologue. It’s longer than a short story, but shorter than a novella. Blah, blah, blah, long story short: Somebody bought Blue Amber when I very momentarily put the price up at Smashwords from free to 99 cents.

Argh! It was only one person, but I didn’t really want anybody to pay for it.

At the moment, it’s pulled from being able to download. I’ve decided to add more to it and give it a better cover. To the person who did buy Blue Amber at Smashwords: you will be able to download the new and improved version for free. That’s the great thing about Smashwords: Once you buy a book, you can always download it again in any format you want, and if the author has uploaded a new version you get to choose the version you want.

BUT I’ve decided that no matter how long Blue Amber turns out, I’m going to make it free. Now I wish nobody had bought it at all.