Standalone Novels

My Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre Retold)

…the version all classic lovers know was buried behind an era’s expectations.
~ KindleObsessed.

The classic story retold set in a neo-aristocratic future.

In the country of New Judah after a second North American civil war, women are revered as one of the nation’s First Principles. But to a young woman of no family or fortune, that reverence feels like a cage.

Fiercely independent, the orphan Jane treasures her position as a licensed governess in the patriarchal aristocracy ~ until falling in love with her broken and bitter employer becomes the most dangerous entrapment of all…

Kiss Me Hello

From the journal of Joss Montague:
Last night I won my soul in a game of chess…

At her aunt’s spooky old mansion on the northern California coast, Sara Blakemore discovers a journal written by a passionate, romantic, and loyal man ~ nothing like the cheating husband she’s come to Turtledove Hill to escape.

Joss Montague doesn’t know how long he’s wandered in the cold mist until a young woman finds his journal. As she reads each page, the mist begins to clear and Joss remembers how good it is to be alive.

When Sara’s husband shows up wanting to save their marriage she should be happy ~ but a ghost from another time may have already captured her heart.