Wyrd & Fae

Give Me (Wyrd and Fae 1)


All she wanted was a vacation – but Dumnos offered a new life .

When Lilith Evergreen discovers her fiancé is a disloyal snake, she takes a much-needed holiday and follows her recent strange dreams to a ruined castle on the other side of the world ~ where she meets terminally cheerful tour guide Cade Bausiney.

The attraction is too instant and too powerful to be trusted. Could an ancient legend account for Lilith’s feelings? A thousand years ago, two lovers were killed by a magic spell gone wrong, and some say their spirits haunt the local environs in pursuit of living hosts in order to satisfy their desire for each other.

Lilith and Cade fight the possession that would control them ~ not knowing a far more powerful and present-day magic threatens to imprison Lilith forever.

Bride of Fae (Wyrd and Fae 2)


A love more powerful than magic or time.

Beverly Bratton has a safe, mundane life. No drama. No magic ~ until a fairy’s charm sends her a hundred years into the past and into the path of a banished fairy prince.

The Dumnos fae are turning dark. To save his court, the prince must retrieve the mystical coronation cup which has fallen into human hands. Hope is lost until Prince Dandelion meets the only human who can help him.

Together Beverly and Dandelion fight dark forces human and fae to put him on the Moonstick Throne and return her to her own time ~ but the better she knows the prince, the less she wants to go.

Fever Mist (Wyrd and Fae 3)


Desire the high gods wouldn’t deny.

When Elyse of Glimmer Cottage escapes the fae realm, she returns to a completely changed human world. She accepts and adapts to her fate, but the loneliness is crushing ~ until a strange mist rolls into Tingtagos and makes her leave her warded self-imprisonment.

In the Small Wood east of Tintagos, Elyse meets someone who reveals a world she didn’t know existed ~ and offers something she had given up as even possible ~ a chance to know love.

An origin story in the Wyrd and Fae universe.


A Glimmering Girl (Wyrd and Fae 4)


The wyrding woman Igraine should have remained at Avalos, the hidden mystical island which has always been safe haven to the wyrd of Dumnos.

But when she answers a farmwife’s plea to deliver a baby in distress, Igraine is unwittingly caught up in the worldly schemes of both kings and fae ~ and comes to the attention of a fanatical priest who would destroy all the wyrd.

Igraine’s love for a human warrior returned from the Crusades may save her ~ but a dark fairy’s obsessive desire could kill her first, and prevent Dumnos from ever getting its first earl.



Goblin Ball (Wyrd and Fae 5)


Bathed in the mystic moonlight
On the night of a goblin ball
Look to the moon at midnight
When true love will free us all.

The goblins are coming to Lady Lexi’s ball… where Max means to put true love on Queen Cissa’s dance card.